Concept & creative direction by Kelvin Govey.
Illustration by various artists.

The following is a series of t-shirts created for Footlocker Europe and their consumers
known as grafika's. Kids that love graphic art and illustration mainly depicting their
favourite footwear and brand logo.

I worked with leading contemporary artists from around the world to create content
that was relevant to the consumer, using best-selling sneakers and current cultural
references as content. The program was a footlocker first and became the most
successful-selling Footlocker t-shirt program ever.

Following the success of footlocker, Nike Asia adopted the t-shirts for their 
trend and energy program, which was marketed as "Sport Is Art" and launched in
pop-up stores in key Asian cities.

Nike Asia - "SPORT IS ART" - Retail Energy Campaign
"SPORT IS ART" Web Advertisement 1


"SPORT IS ART" Web Advertisement 2

"SPORT IS ART" Web Advertisement 3

"SPORT IS ART" Web Advertisement 4

"SPORT IS ART" Web Advertisement 5

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