Hello, I am an independent Creative Director/Designer with a versatile background in working with global brands across various industries, from small businesses and startups to renowned industry leaders.
With my extensive experience as a distinguished Global Design Director and Designer for internationally recognized brands like Nike and Reebok, I bring a wealth of expertise in crafting distinctive narratives that forge strong connections through a combination of strategic thinking, creativity, and a commitment to exceptional design, delivering unique expressions that resonate with audiences on a deep level.
My expertise encompasses creative direction, strategic thinking, and design solutions for branding initiatives, brand communications, product development, apparel and footwear design, accessories, print materials, packaging, digital advertising, and retail interior design. With a holistic approach, I create comprehensive and cohesive experiences that elevate brands across multiple touchpoints.
By leveraging my multidisciplinary skill sets and global brand experience, I bring a unique perspective to each project, ensuring the highest quality of design and impactful storytelling. I am dedicated to helping brands establish their presence, communicate their values, and leave a lasting impression on their target audiences.
My core skill sets range from Creative Direction & Team and Organizational Creative Leadership, Graphic Design across multiple product disciplines, Apparel Design, Accessories, Footwear Graphics, Drinkware Graphics & Packaging, Branding, and Brand Development.
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