Creative direction, Graphic Design by Kelvin Govey, 
in collaboration with Filling Pieces.
Filling Pieces and KLABU announce they are joining forces in a long-term partnership. This partnership marks a significant step forward in a shared commitment to empowering disadvantaged individuals and making a positive impact on their lives.
The partnership was kicked off by creating a sports shirt to honour the Keti Koti festival in Amsterdam. This festival celebrates the day when slavery was abolished in Suriname in 1863. The tagline "United Spirits" represents how people from Amsterdam, Suriname, and other places are joining forces, working and living together in unity with a strong collective spirit.
Campaign launch - Showcasing Amsterdam's vibrant Suriname 
community and KLABU's inspiring immigrant community from 
diverse corners of Africa.
Paneltalk Klabu x Filling Pieces - 150 Years of Keti Koti
Campaign profile images for social media 
and retail communications.
Product Shots

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