Creative direction, Interior design, and 3D visualization by Kelvin Govey, 
in partnership with TCHAI Architects N.L.
In 2020 KLABU opened its office and retail store on the Haarlemmerdijk, in the centre of 
Amsterdam. Since opening the KLABU store/office, the Haarlemmerdijk space has become a
meeting point for the refugee community of Amsterdam through KLABU's hosting of weekly 
sports workouts, a place where anyone can feel at home and be a part of a community. 

When approaching the store redesign, I felt it was essential to create a space that was 
welcoming and vibrant, and could tell the KLABU story and expand its capability to 
host local and refugee communities.

The solution was to divide the space into three distinct zones that could function as 
community space, retail store, and office, as well as incorporate the KLABU Amsterdam 
Spirit clubhouse, which will serve the weekly workouts and replicate the cargo 
containers that are used to build KLABU clubhouses in the refugee camps.

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